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Body Transformation Coaching

In our Total Body Transformation and Lifestyle Program, we offer a flexible nutrition and health platform, combined with accountability coaching. This program was designed by Coach Lacy to help guide clients to their goals. Whether that is to drop 50lbs or pack on 10lbs of muscle, through a sustainable program Coach Lacy will guide you there every step of the way.

We focus on long-term success. No extreme exercises. No restrictive diets. No quick fixes just to gain back the weight, plus more. Coach Lacy will provide you with the tools and strategies to change your body and lifestyle.

Coaching includes:

  • Work directly with Coach Lacy.
  • Weekly Check-ins with changes to the plans as needed based on data.
  • Custom Macros/Meal plans/Portion Control Plans.
  • Custom Gym/Home Workouts.
  • Access to Team Legendary Physique’s Private Training App.


NPC Bikini & Wellness Coaching

In our bikini & wellness programs, we offer completely custom plans for your goals, preferences, and lifestyle.  This means you get to choose how we approach your nutrition for prep.  If you succeed with macros, we coach you using macros.  If you succeed using a meal plan, we create a meal plan based on what you enjoy eating.  Maybe you are not sure?  No problem!  Coach Lacy will help you make the best choice for you!


Coach Lacy believes strongly in the pre-prep relationship with her clients.  In order to be a candidate for competition coaching, you must be willing to pre-prep for at least 12 weeks prior to prepping for a show.

Coaching includes:

  • Work directly with Coach Lacy.
  • Weekly Check-ins with changes to the plans as needed based on data.
  • Custom Macros/Meal plans
  • Custom Gym/Home Workouts
  • Suit/Shoe/Jewelry Selection Assistance
  • Posing review as needed.
  • Team Jersey for backstage at your show
  • Carefully monitored peak week and show day.
  • Post-show plans (reverse)
  • Post-show assessment
  • Access to Team Legendary Physique’s Private Training App.
  • Access to Team Legendary Physique’s Private FB page.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between competition coaching and lifestyle coaching?

Both are monthly one-on-one coaching with Coach Lacy and both include strategic nutrition, workouts, habit change guidance, and weekly check-ins.

Competition coaching is for the ladies who want to compete in the Bikini or Wellness divisions within the NPC.

Lifestyle Coaching is total body transformation coaching that leads to an elite physique without stepping on stage as a competitor.

Can I begin as a lifestyle client then change to competitor?

Absolutely!  In fact, this is the path many of coach Lacy's clients choose.

Do I have to sign a contract for coaching?

Never. Coach Lacy does not believe in making clients sign a contract.  She believes in earning your business month to month and that you should be free to end the coaching relationship when you want.

What is Coach Lacy's educational background?

First, PLEASE always ask a potential coach what their education level is!!  You would be surprised at how many coaches are not at all educated, they coach from trial and error using YOU as their guinea pig!

Coach Lacy earned:

  • Associate in Applied Science degree,
  • ISSA Certified as an Elite Level Personal Trainer,
  • ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and
  • ISSA Certified Bodybuilding Specialist Coach.
  • Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach